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Lock A Folder 1.5

Lock A Folder

Estelar Lock a Folder Tool to lock folders and files and make them inaccessible to unwanted users.

Estelar Lock a Folder is a lightweight and easy to use window security program which you can use to lock a folder, file and other computer resources to make them inacessible to both local and remote users. If you share your computer with others like your colleagues, family or friends, you can use this tool to completely hide your folders and files until a valid password is entered. Thus, renaming the locked folder, accessing them using DOS, booting to Safe Mode, reinstalling windows to recover hidden folder or files will not make locked files and folders accessible at all.

Apart from locking folders and files to protect them from unauthorized users, it also provide sufficient protection from malicious programs, such as viruses, worms and Trojans.

Unlike other programs which are available to lock folders and files on hard drives, Estelar Lock a Folder also ensures safety of your files and folders on portable drives such as USB Drive, floppy and CD/DVD ROM etc. After the whole process of encrypting folders it also compresses their size.

Lock a Folder tool is meant for the users who share their with others like their colleagues, family or friends. It is also useful security tool for those who cannot afford any unwanted access to their personal and confidential data.

Lock A Folder


Lock A Folder 1.5

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    "Windows Folder Security with Password Feature"

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